„Mice and War – about a brave Albert and yellow cheese”

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„Mice and War – about a brave Albert and yellow cheese”

„Mice and War – about a brave Albert and yellow cheese”

09.10.14 11:00education, Koncert, news

We have something special for the youngest music lovers. We would like to invite them to a special play „Mice and War – about a brave Albert and yellow cheese”. Excellent soloists and musicians of Beethoven Academy Orchestra will perform in Lusławice for the second time. They will present an opera by American composer David Chesky.

„Mice and War” tells about adventures of a brave Albert. It’s a funny musical story which gives children an answer to the question: why all mice love cheese. The story also shows an absurdity of war, teaches tolerance and acceptance of different cultures.

Chesky’s opera was staged in The United States of America and in the National Theatre in Taiwan. In the preparation of the Polish implementation participated young, talented producers and performers. The play was directed by Robert Drobniuch, sets and costumes were made by Anna Chadaj. „Mice and War” will be conducted by Adam Banaszak. In the title role occurs Agnieszka Rehlis (mezzo-soprano), who will be partnered with the Krakow Opera soloists – Stanislaw Kufluk (baritone) and Adam Zdunikowski (tenor). The accompanying instrumental chamber ensemble consists of musicians of Beethoven Academy Orchestra.

Opera is prepared for young audience aged 7-10 years and is designed in an attractive way to introduce children to classical music and opera.

At the moment, all tickets have been booked! We heartily invite You to next events!

Thursday, October 9, 11:00

The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice
“Mouse and war – about a brave Albert and yellow cheese”
Directed by: Robert Drobniuch
Set design and costumes: Anna Chadaj
Conductor: Adam Banaszak
Mezzo-soprano: Agnieszka Rehlis
Tenor: Adam Zdunikowski
Baritone: Stanislaw Kufluk
Musicians Beethoven Academy Orchestra

An introduction for children by Marta Saciuk-Sędzielarz


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