Concert Hall

The heart of the site is a concert hall for an audience of 650. With an area of 200 square meters, the stage was designed for a variety of purposes. The moving orchestra pit allows one to mount works of opera and ballet. Moreover, the whole auditorium is furnished with the equipment necessary for the organisation of conferences, symposiums, and meetings.
The acoustics of the hall meet the highest international standards. Only natural materials – oak and spruce wood – were used for the finish. Specialist consultations in vibro-acoustics were provided by BBM Müller, a recognised German consultancy. As a result, the concert hall belongs to a small group of prime sites among comparable European venues which are forging the way forward, which is attested to both by the eminent artists performing in Lusławice and the experts in the recording sector coming there. The hall was equipped with state-of-the-art studio facilities that allow professional audio and video recording of the events.


Educational programmes, courses, and artistic workshops are organised in the educational section of the Centre. The participants have a chamber hall, conference hall, rooms for practice, library, recording studio, dressing rooms, and a kitchen with a canteen at their disposal. The spacious residential pavilion can host 100 people on the campus. The entire complex is furnished with the latest technical infrastructure. In the near future, five hectares of land surrounding the building will be transformed into a monument of nature. This is because the site is earmarked for park development: a project whose implementation will be affectionately overseen by Krzysztof Penderecki himself, patron of the Centre, and a great lover of trees.

Sculptures Gallery


"(...) This unique place not only stimulates the development of young musical talent, but it also allows its guests to see all of the other forms of creative work, considered the most outstanding in Polish art, through the idea of the “Correspondence of the arts” Gallery. There is the Polish Poster Gallery, from the collection of the Poster Museum at Wilanów, presenting the works of outstanding Polish designers from the period of the Polish poster school. There is the Gallery of Sculptures by Professor Adam Myjak, who is also the gallery’s donor.

The work of Adam Myjak is an absolutely unique phenomenon, and he is one of the most important contemporary Polish sculptors. Permanent creative anxiety and a wish to express his own vision of the world are characteritic of Adam Myjak’s art. And he expresses that vision through the medium that is most obvious to him – sculpture. He found his world beyond the clichéd patterns and forms of art. A place full of human heads, busts, figures, or their fragments. Man, his corporeality and spiritual states, are the subject matter that Adam Myjak finds the most appealing. Before the artist gives his works a final form, an idea is born in his mind, an impetus for the imagination that creates images, subsequently forged into spatial beings."

(Excerpt from the gallery's catalogue by Maria Kurpik)