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The Krzysztof Penderecki Festival Marks the 85th Birthday of the Composer

The Festival, featuring seven symphonic and three chamber music concerts, celebrates the life-long artistic output of the globally celebrated Polish composer. The highlights of the Festival include the world premiere of Piano Trio composed for the Penderecki Trio, and the performance of Concerto Doppio for flute and clarinet arranged by M. Lethiec.


Explore the Centre

The Centre is a meeting place for young adepts of music with masters of the performing arts and composers, and also with eminent figures from a broad range of humanities.The heart of the site is a concert hall for an audience of 650.

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EMANACJE International Music Festival is the region’s biggest and one of Poland’s largest artistic events keeping up the artistic life of the Małopolska region throughout the summer. The events are held in several dozen attractive locations, linking together landscape, architecture, culture and music.

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Luslawice Talent Orchestra

Luslawice Talent Orchestra is a unique project addressed to the gifted young instrumentalists, winners of national and international competitions. Together they form a string orchestra that surprises with professional sound and demeanor.

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Winter/Summer Music Academy

Winter & Summer Music Academies are educational projects dedicated to young instrumentalists, students of primary, lower, and upper secondary music schools (winter) and students of artistic academies and universities (summer).

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