Winter/Summer Music Academy


Winter Music Academy is an educational project dedicated to young instrumentalists, students of primary,  lower, and upper secondary music schools. The programme of the Academy encompasses individual classes with outstanding artists and teachers. It is complemented with general musical education and participation in concerts and recordings conducted in the Lusławice Centre.

Summer Music Academy is a series of chamber music masterclasses for violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn players. The classes are taught by the memebers of the globally acclaimed chamber music ensemble – the Scharoun Ensemble Der Berliner Philharmoniker. Each year about 30 musicians aged 18-28 are selected to attend the Academy. The Academy lasts over a week and culminates in a couple of run-out concerts and performances at the Centre, where the students play in chamber groups, often joined by the faculty members. 

Luslawice Talent Orchestra


Luslawice Talent Orchestra is a unique project started and cultivated by the Penderecki Centre. LTO hosts auditions every two years and selects about 40 talented string players, aged 12-14 from all over Poland. The orchestra meets about 5 times a year for rehearsals and workshop series, each lasting a week and finishing with a couple of performances showcasing a new repertoire. The Orchestra has played alongside such acclaimed masters as Anne-Sophie Mutter, Apollon Musagete Quartet, and Agata Szymczewska. Next to working with the artistic director and conductor Monika Bachowska, as part of the program the young players are mentored by the professional orchestral musicians from Sinfonietta Cracovia and NOSPR. Despite the young age of the musicians, the orchestra is praised for the focus and technique, as well as excellent team work, which results in a truly mature sound and harmonious playing – a quality normally attributed to adult, professional orchestras.  Youthful energy, persistence and a pure joy of music making – that’s Luslawice Talent Orchestra in a nutshell. 



EMANACJE (Emanations) International Music Festival is a music affair taking place on an unparalleled geographical scale, bringing exceptional performers to the most beautiful locations to all of Lesser Poland, and beyond. The Festival program attempts at bringing younger, up-and-coming artists to the center stage, often performing alongside their masters. The list of events includes solo recitals, chamber music performances, as well as symphonic music and jazz. 
The Festival was founded in 2013.  Together with partner institutions, the Centre organized 80 concerts to celebrate the 80th birthday of the composer. From then on, the festival happens every summer offering 40 concerts scattered throughout the entire province.

The name of the festival refers to the early stages of the long and prolific artistic journey of a famed composer and the mastermind behind the European Music Center in Luslawice, Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki. His piece Emanacje (Emanations) for a double string orchestra was amongst his three winning compositions at the competition organized by the Polish Composers’ Union in 1959. The title aptly captures the spirit of the Festival: the power of music to radiate from the epicenter of the Festival activities at the Penderecki Centre and reach audiences all around, allowing them to interact with the highest forms of art. The underlying Festival philosophy is based on the intertwining dichotomies, such as performer vs. listener, master vs. student, experience vs. youth.

Emanacje Festival successfully explores new concert venues, recruits new audiences and paves paths connecting familiar and long-established cultural institutions with new music terrains often located at picturesque sites and being home to true gems of Polish architecture.